Metrobank Gold Classic Credit Card

Posted: January 14, 2013
metrobank classic card

Metrobank Gold Classic Credit Card, which is accepted in more than 42 million MasterCard and Visa merchants in the world, has a monthly finance charge of 3.5%.

Metrobank Gold Classic Credit Card

The supplementary fee of the Classic and Gold cards differ. Classic card charges P800 while Gold charges P1,500. Its also allows cash advance and the holder will be charged P500 or 3% for that.  It also features the reward system wherein the holder can earn 1 point for every P20 of purchase using Metrobank Credit Card. The points can be used to redeem items or air miles from Philippine Airlines, Cathat Pacific Airlines or Singapore Airlines.


Classic: P1,400

Gold: P2,500


Interested applicants must provide the a photocopy of the following: passport/philhealth card, driver’s license/senior citizen card, police/NBI clearance, postal/voter’s ID, company/PRC ID, SSS/GSIS. There should also be proof of income for both the employed and self-employed applicants. For the employed, they should have a cop of the latest income tax return with stamp from the BIR or a copy of BIR form 2316 signed by the employer. Moreover, there should be a certificate of employment or latest payslip. For the self-employed, there should be a copy of latest audited financial statement stamped by the bank or the BIR and DTI business registraton. As per the minimum gross annual income, applicants of the Classic card shoul earn P180,000 while Gold credit card applicants should receive P480,000.


All transactions should be paid by the card holder, supplementary members or coobligator either in cash or check directly to Metrobank or PSBank branches or to other Metrobank credit card authorized payment centers. The payment should be done on or before the payment due date shown in the monthly statement of account given to the card member.


With this credit card, you are allowed to manage the spendings of your family members and loved ones. You can also avail their balance transfer service, wherein you can experience easy installment payment with low interest rates when you transfer your other card balances to your Metrobank credit card. You can also get immediate cash against your credit limit. Ask about your credit balance using theMTXT.  For a more personal card,you can design your card with your picture by just visiting